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Support of Skitzo or Akion flight controllers


Did someone know if it’s possible to support


It is pretty small 20*20 F405 based fc suitable for sub250 gram builds. Would be nice to have AP working on it.


The Aikon F4 Mini already runs Betaflight, so shouldn’t be too hard to port over to ArduPilot.

The FlightOne SKITZO MillivoltOSD’s CPU and IMU are both supported by Ardupilot, so should be able to be ported. I only hesitate because it appears to run a custom “FlightOne” firmware and I’m not sure what they’ve put into the bootloader and how easy/difficult to replace this with the ArduPilot bootloader.

Neither appear to have a barometer, so perhaps not the best options for ArduPilot.

Do either of those have sufficient flash?

Probably it’s the argument not to continue with that boards.

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