Support for V Tail

I’m just getting a design out for a drone capable of a 10Km mission of about 10 weypoints. Got some information on a Moulten Mini Imp that would be a great FPV platform, trouble is it has an inverted V tail in front of a pusher prop. Does APM support V tails ?

Yep it does … TAIL_plane

Thanks Gary, a lot to learn on a very steep curve at the moment. Looks like a Mini Imp it is. :smiley:

Somebody can help me to configure the APM 2 with V-TAIL ? Which chanel I have to use for my transmitter and for the APM 2 ?

The UAV 3000 has 2 separate servos (Rudder & Elevator), 2 servos separate for the ailerons and 2 Y combined servos for the flaps.

Regarding V tail behavior,
I see in the wiki that the control surfaces are to deflect opposite a turn in order to stabilize the airframe in FBWA. But wouldn’t this put the aircraft into a slip during every turn, if the desired action was to enter a coordinated turn? In a coordinated turn the control surfaces on the V tail should actually deflect in the direction of the turn, to help point the nose that way slightly, and to correct for adverse yaw. It seems to me that the stabilization effect is opposite of this. Can anyone clarify this behavior? I may just be confused…