Support for Travel to Ardupilot Unconference 2020 part 2 [APPROVED]

Topic: Support for Travel to Ardupilot Unconference 2020 part 2

Proposal type: Hardware [ ] , Software [ ] , Other [X] : Travel Expenses

Description: Matt (@IAMMATT) and I would like to attend and present at the ArduPilot Unconference 2020. This would be a fantastic opportunity for us to meet and work with our GSoC mentors as well as the wider dev community. We would like to present individually on the work done during and post the GSoC period.

We are both based in the UK and the travel costs represent a significant barrier to us at this time.

I am requesting support to help cover the costs of flights (LHR->SYD, Economy), my half of the shared accommodation for the pre-unconference meet-up, and shared accommodation for the unconference itself. The quoted value below includes accommodation at the proposed hotel for the conference. The quoted value is for my half of the accommodation contribution only.

Any support will be greatly received.

Many thanks in advance,


Planned amount $$ (USD): $1518.00

Estimated time for completion: Mar 2020

This is my half of the original Proposal so as to get the total less than $2000 as advised by @tridge


looks good!
Did you factor in coming a couple of days early to be part of the pre-conference activities? A lot of the fun with boats will be in the pre-conference.

The provisional plan is to fly into Sydney on the 20th and do Touristy stuff for a couple of days and then hire are car and drive to Canberra for the Tuesday the 24th.

Were wondering the best way to bring some toys, shipping them looks very expensive. We might have to put them in the hold luggage and buy/beg/borrow/steal some battery’s.

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let me know in advance and I can probably organise batteries, just let me know the specs needed.
If it is more convenient you should get a shipping quote though, and ask for ardupilot funding to cover it

another possibility for a boat is to tell me what base hull to get and then I’ll buy one, and you can help me put it together when you get here. That way I get a boat to play with :slight_smile:

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also, there are some helis here in our group already that Matt could play with. I can put you in touch with the heli addicts in our group if Matt wants to go that route.

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That would work really well. I was planning to bring a heli, but if there is the possibility of playing with some that are already there that would be alot easier!

Approved. Will be great to see you there.

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