Support for RFD900x units? Jdrones support ticket no response for 2 weeks

I have purchased several rfd900 units over the last years.

Now with the latest delivery I have some questions and sent email at 1 sept.

There is now answers or sign of life.

Dear Jdrones, do you prefer I post my questions here instead?

Kind regards

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From Jdrone home page I can read:

If all else fails you can of course contact us the old fashioned way:
Tel: +66 (0)2 726 8540

This number has a recorded message saying its out of service.

Any staff passing by here could check in on it,
would be most appreciated.

My support ticket is: #jD-990283

Hi Karl,

Our staff is answering tickets every day. I will check why yours is not answered.

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You need to run all your RFD modules with same firmware version. Take a look at jDrones wiki for more detials

At the bottom of wiki page there are links to Seppo’s firmware repository.

Thank you jpkh,

So I think you answered my first question with, Yes it can be made do work.

Sure same version SW, but should I upgrade the old units or should i downgrade the new units? On the back of the new units there is a red text printed: ENCRYPTION & PPM but this is not printed on the older ones.
That is not in the wiki.

I realise this is maybe not the place for this discussion and hope my support ticket will be answered in due time.

Thanks a lot.