Support for mRo uGPS ublox SAM M8Q (GLONASS) + Compass (LIS3MDL)

Good morning,

I recently purchased a mRo uGPS ublox SAM M8Q (GLONASS) + Compass (LIS3MDL) from Mayan Robotics for my PixRacer, and didn’t realize the compass wasn’t supported by Copter yet.

Does anyone know if compass support is coming soon? It is the size of a cube of gum and perfect for a micro build. I wanted to ask here before I asked at GitHub.


I received a response from Mayan Robotics. I am building a micro heli with a Pixracer and this would be ideal. Thanks your your hard work!


//Hi Dave,

I have tested this myself and if is supported in both ArduPlane and ArduCopter via the master branch so it is just a matter of when Tridge and Randy push these changes to more stable releases.

I hope that helps, please let us know if you have further questions?

Thank you,

Phillip Kocmoud//