Support for Flywoo F745 Nano

Hi all - not sure where the best place for this is, so forgive me if this isn’t it. We’re developing a prototype copter and intend to use Arducopter. In selecting the FC we like the Flywoo Nano F745 (and as the documentation says NOT the F722). This link

Ardupilot supported boards

lists the Goku F745 AIO as supported. It also has this note:
For 16.5mm x 16.5mm F745 boards use the FlywooF745Nano firmware.
I’ve never seen the spec “16.5mm x 16.5mm”, just 16x16. Very minor difference and maybe an error, but regardless, does anyone know if the Flywoo Goku F745 Nano (16x16) is supported for Arducopter? We will presumably be installing the latest release (4.0? at the moment I think). Thanks.

Nope, the latest release is ArduCopter 4.1.x

It works on 4.1 if you get the 1Mb F745, but Flywoo have started shipping these with 512k due to the chip shortage. They seem open to going back to 1Mb when they have the chips, but at the moment this is not possible :frowning:

There doesn’t appear to be any way to tell which version you are buying today. I bought one of these a couple months ago for a friend and that same US domestic retailer has stock. Old stock, new stock, how would you know?

I’ve just confirmed with Flywoo online chat that the Goku F745 is now/still shipping with 512kB for the reason stated (chip shortage). I’ve cancelled my order and am just waiting to hear if they can tell me if you can know what you have in your hands by looking at it. I’m thinking old stock from a retailer maybe. I’ll update this thread when I find this out. In the mean time, as I select another FC, can anyone tell me if the 1mb spec is needed regardless of the FC model chosen? This could be a factor for me if this chip shortage is widespread.

You can know by looking at the chip - G == 1Mb, E == 512k

For ArduPilot you need at least 1Mb

You need a picture of the MCU to determine what version it is. The 1MB Ardupilot-compatible version is STM32F745VGH6
The 512kb version that is not Ardupilot compatible is STM32F745VEH6
Here is a picture showing the MCU you want:

I have also been in contact with Flywoo about this. Please reach out to them and tell them you’re interested in Ardupilot-compatible FCs. Hopefully if they see there is enough demand they will release new Ardupilot compatible FCs as chips become available.
More discussion here:

OK got it. What that retailer shows now is the 512kb version.

The Flywoo rep. didn’t know about the G and E. He has told me though that they are expecting a chip shipment at the end of the month (November) and they will begin shipping with 1mb some time after that. I have to say they were really good about the order cancel/refund (immediate). Good thing I posted this within an hour of ordering. I did make sure they know (email also) that I cancelled the order because I need to run Ardupilot. Hopefully it sinks in - doesn’t get much more real for them than to have £90 in their bank account one minute and then having to refund it an hour later.
Now I need to find a replacement. I need as small as possible, but the Cube Purple on the mini base is looking attractive.

Matek H743-Mini? I like them.

Or KakuteF7Mini v2 - always a family favorite

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Wow, where has this beauty been all my life (well, the last 5 or 6 days anyay)? The mini wasn’t listed on the supported hardware on so it stayed below my radar.
It definitely ticks all of the boxes ("…designed to heavily support Ardupilot…"). Thanks. Leading contender at the moment.

I just made an interesting discovery today. I recently picked up a used Flywoo Explorer LR HD V2, which comes with the Goku F745 Nano stack. I looked at the MCU and was disappointed to find it was the VE variant, so I would not be able to use it with Ardupilot. Today, I happened to plug the FC in and had the STM32Cube programmer open, so I connected and was surprised to see it reporting 1Mb of flash. I grabbed the Arducopter hex file for the FlywooF745Nano, and was able to upload it successfully! I’ll need to shuffle around some UARTs from stock, but everything appears to be working properly.

So, check your F745 FCs! Some might support Ardupilot even if the markings indicate otherwise.

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I have since tested several Flywoo Goku F745 Nano FCs with the STM32F745VE6 MCU, and all report 1Mb flash in STM32Cube programmer and are able to be flashed with Ardupilot. Can someone else confirm?

I ordered 2 of these recently (Feb '22) - one direct from Flywoo and the other from GetFPV and both report 512 in the STM32 Programmer. Its a bummer, cause I’m having motor stability issues in iNav and I’m convinced its iNav itself.

I’m pretty sure the parts they are now calling “pro” are 1Mb parts. They used to say this on the website though …

I just successfully flashed the GOKU F475 AIO V1.2 without issue. Although I am confused about the build contents, is this flashing the full proper Ardupilot, or is it stripped of features because of the 1mb flash size?

Take note that the flash required Zadig to properly establish the write link (windows 10)

All 1mb boards will be lacking the full compliment of features that fit a 2mb board. Use the Custom Firmware Builder perhaps if you want to trade off features.

Is there a feature size/ manifest allowing us to determine what is included versus what will fit? Also could you shoot me that link, I cannot find it anywhere. Thanks bro.

Google “Arducopter custom firmware builder”
Build server