Support for AR Drone


Are you interested in support for the Parrot AR Drone V2? Your recient versions (I haven’t pulled in a few days) are very close to working with the AR Drone via UDP MAVlink. The main thing missing seems to be commands to launch (and perhaps land, RTL, hold, etc). I added a submenu for several of thse commands to the Flight Data screen and I was able to edit waypoints 1-n and save them to the drone and I have had some succesful flights, by starting the flight via the Launch command I added. As I noted on the MAV Link google group, I have encountered a few other minor issues in Droidplanner with the treatment of waypoint 0 and with setting delays at waypoints which I have not fixed yet. I do not normally code in Java so my progress has been a little slow as I get used to eclipse and Java, but I am making progress. Are you interested in merging some of these changes?

Thanks for all of your hard work. Droidplanner is looking very good!


Yes I’m very interested in supporting AR Drone.

The best way to send me your changes is if you push them to github. Also you can open an issue at the issue tracker for the AR Drone support, so the other developers can also know what you are working with.

I don’t own a AR Drone so I’ll not be able to test your code, but I’m can try to help you in any problems you come across. For instance the discussion you started at the MAVLink mail-list to clear the handling of Home waypoint is a great way to help.

Here is a guide for using GIT if you want to take a look: … h-the-code

Thanks. I will set myself up on github then.

Did what I said on the MAVLink list about the error I think is in
make sense to you? I believe param1should receive the value returned by delaySeekBar.getValue(). Not param2. I assume this error was caused by the documentation error in MISSION_ITEM. Should I file a issue, or have you already made the trivial change?

Note that I am not in a big hurry to fix this particular issue because I actually find the ability to set the waypoint radius more important for my tests than to set the delay time so the bug has been useful to me. Which brings me to my last question; Do you plan to add the ability to set the radius (parm2) in DialogMissionWaypoint? For some waypoints, for example, the last waypoint before landing between some trees, it is important to have a relatively small acceptance radius while for others, it is best not to waste time finding the exact location.



[quote=“arthur”]Brad112358 moved the issue to:[/quote]

I don’t understand what this means. Issue 325 seems to have nothing to do with this.

I’m sorry about that brad112358, my mistake (I better get some sleep).

Could you open an issue for your request, I haven’t fixed it yet.