Supply chain issue for Gemfan (or similar) 1045 props?

Sorry for the slightly off-topic question, but I’m beating the bushes for leads on a current U.S. source for Gemfan glass nylon 1045 props. Every usual source seems on back order, and I’m dead in the water until I find some (or reasonable substitutes). Overseas shipping is not only expensive, but takes longer than I can really afford to wait.

In desperation, I did buy some non-Gemfan 1045 props from Amazon, but they seem way too flexible compared to my usual. I’m not sure I trust my copter to fly with them. Any thoughts on this?

Value Hobby has some. No idea if it’s what you are looking for, perhaps the same as found on Amazon.

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APC makes 10x4.7 props: 10x4.7SF-B4 - APC Propellers

Give Master Airscrew a go, the MR series props, and definitely order their adapters too