Super slow throttle in Alt and Loiter

I’m new to this so hopefully this isn’t too obvious. My quad in Stab is pretty awesome : ) Alt and Loiter are rock solid as well. But in Stab mode, you punch the throttle and it rockets up. Same goes for coming down. But in Alt and Loiter mode there’s a huge delay in ascending or descending. It’s so slow it’s like it’s flying in molasses lol! Is this normal for these modes?

Hi Aero,

i´ve got a similar problem, you need a calm day for testing.

But: first, you should start your post with an overview: your control board, software version (and(or MP software version).

Search in your Tuning section for the Parameter “Throttle Rate” and Throttle Acceleration.
APM site says:
The Throttle Rate (which normally requires no tuning) converts the desired climb or descent rate into a desired acceleration up or down.
The Throttle Accel PID gains convert the acceleration error (i.e the difference between the desired acceleration and the actual acceleration) into a motor output. The 1:2 ratio of P to I (i.e. I is twice the size of P) should be maintained if you modify these parameters. These values should never be increased but for very powerful copters you may get better response by reducing both by 50% (i.e P to 0.5, I to 1.0).

My Throttle Rate is 1.0 (compensates behaviour of Copter against Gravity)
My Throttle Acceleration is p =0.5, I=1.0 (compensates Motor Control to Prop Thrust)

Both parameters strongly affect the stability in Alt Hold. Start tuning at low p values !!!

Greetings, Hans-Jochen

When i set Throttle Rate