Super simple mode and transition signalled by PWM output in VTOL


I’ve flown the maiden flight of my Skywalker X8 VTOL. It flies! Everything went more or less fine, with lots of room for improvements. I have the following points:

-is it possible to set up the Super Simple Mode in QLoiter? (I mean the horizontal position control used in ArduCopter) This would come very handy, not to worry about the actual heading which I find quite difficult when transitioning high and also being adjusted by the QWeatherVane.

-I consider it extremally important to be notified about the transition status in a way more direct than a text message. I’m not using the airspeed sensor yet, and the transition took much more space than I’ve expected. The trees on the other side of the field suddenly seemed to be rather big! If the transition is not going as expected, I would prefer to react before it is too late. As I’m using a strobe light, I would love to switch it on automatically when the plane has already transitioned into a horizontal mode. Is it possible to get this information as a PWM output or something what can be processed? Maybe I could parse the mavlink messages via an ESP32 board, but this would be a bit awkward, would it?

Many thanks for the great software.

If it was there would probably be an RCx_OPTION for it and there isn’t.