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Super simple ardupilot

hello,please sorry if maybe there was this question made already!!!i wanth to build a rover with autopilot software and to have all the gadgets that can suport this software BUT i don’t have a Pixhawk or any other similar dedicated board available on sale in my country(Romania) and so i wanther if i can build the hardware necesary from parts that ar common,like compas HMC5883,GPS Neo-6M,BMP180 barometric senzor,arduino uno or mega or raspberry pi3,etc.
in this moment i have build a rc rover from a electric wheelchair but i wanth to upgrade to something more …
any ideea or help is welkome.
P.S.a link to my youtube channel were you can se the rover:

Just buy it from Germany. There are plenty of resellers here.

PocketPilot might be of interest:

ok but were is the fun in that…:slight_smile:

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