Suitable motors for ZD850 frame

I would like to change my motors since I am already fed up with these motors from Flycat IROTOR, always the shaft in the middle gets removed and causes my ZD850 drone to fall. Now I want to get Excellent motors from a good manufacturer like T-Motor. Here are my parts since I am not sure which motors would fit with my props, frame, and other parts.

FC: Holybro Pixhawk 6C
Props: 1555inch (two blades, three holes) carbon fiber
Motors: Flycat I-Rotor 5010 DC Motor (to be replaced)
Battery: HRB 9500mAh 6S

Please if you think that there is a reliable motor suitable for my props, frame, and battery. Do not hesitate to suggest anything

Need to know the take-off-weight with the battery and the current motors. Then buy a subscription to eCalc and find some quality motors available to you and size them to produce ~50% hover throttle .

Got it, Thanks man for being always there to help,

If you want to post the take-off weight and the kv of the motors you have I can take a look for alternatives.

The current motors are 360KV and the take-off weight (or the All up weight) is 4.5Kg~5Kg. If you can suggest an alternative motor from a reliable brand like T-MOTOR I would be grateful

I found this motor from the T-Motor website which seems to be compatible with my other parts (frame, prop, battery voltage, ESC):

Navigator series:

Antigravity series:

Which one of them is more suitable for my build or better? my mission will be to deliver cargo from one place to another

Appreciate your help guys