Suggestions on how to power 12v solenoids from Pixhawk please

I have 3 solenoids to power for something in the range of a second or so. one singularly and the other two as a pair.

Ideally, they should give an external LED indication of operation (not a deal breaker if they dont)

the solenoids are

ZANTY SDK-0622-12A2
Type: Linear Solenoid
Total weight: about 32g
Plunger weight: about 7g
Size: 22.13014mm
Magnetic Holding: 80-0gf
While 50% duty cycle
Max on time: Pull≤1S, Relax≤100ms
Power(20℃): 8W
Rated voltage: DC12V

whats the best way to power these ? should i just use a std RC with or can i get the pixhawk to do this for me and control it through ardupilot properly?

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you can use the relay functionality

you will have to have a relay to take the low power signal from the pixhawk and convert it to high power.

great that look exactly what im after.

how to convert that low power signal though. will a std rc switch be up to it or should i be looking at an rc controlled relay do you think?

never having used the relay functionality im a little unsure.

thanks for the help so far though, much appreciated.

should be up to the job i would guest, in that case it would actually use a standard servo out

using the relay stuff, you dont need to get ta rc controlled relay, just a standard relay will do. The flight controller will put out 3.3v when its active and 0v when its not. Rather than a servo pwm signal. The ideal thing is probably a 3.3v solid state relay, such as this one (not tested just found one on google)

so something like this connected to the aux channels would work fine then do you think?

which would give me control of the two sets of solenoids on a single board which is a benefit.

I think that should work

ill get one and give it a go, pretty cost effective solution too should keep the layout nice and tidy.

thank you for you help btw, appreciated :slight_smile:

is this work bro? I recently got a project with JF0826b Solenoid
Type: electromagnet.
Material: metal, electronic parts.
Rated voltage: DC 12V
Rated current: 2A
Stroke: 10mm
Force: 20N/2Kg/4.4LB
Metal frame size: 26 25 22mm.
Coil size: 19*17mm.
Total lenght: 57mm.
Plunger diameter: 7.4mm.
Cable length: 20cm.
Part number: JF-0826B.