Suggestions for integrated camera gimbal

Having trouble finding a suitable integrated camera and gimbal like the Zenmuse x5 which would be suitable for use with the cube - pixhawk 2.1. Am I right in guessing that something like the Yuneec E90 camera is proprietary software controlled?
This camera/gimbal looks great but can it be controlled using Mission Planner?
New Waterproof 3 Axis Gimbal 4K Camera For SplashDrone 3 Plus (GC3)
Currently have a sony a6000 mounted on a Gimbal but after using a DJI Mavic with a built-in camera gimbal it’s certainly a lot faster to set up for operations and less to check i.e. power for the gimbal and camera.
Looking for one with HDMI out so I could link directly to the new HereLink system.
Any suggestions welcome!

Hi @ausphoto did you have any luck with the integrated camera and gimbal? I’m very keen on the splash drone setup also, however unsure if it will be compatible. I also use the herelink system. Cheers Charlie

Hi Charlie Haven’t made any progress with using an integrated camera gimbal. Information is very hard to find! I am still waiting for the Here link to come out of beta before I am able to use it. Foxtechfpv have a few setups that work but not sure of the quality. For the same sort of money I use a Canon 6D with a choice of EF lens and know it provides the quality I am after.