Suggestions for channels

Ive been used to arducopter for years and am now doing a plank and A small VTOL im woundering if it would be possible to have the flight modes extra functions so we can set them on different switches like copter e/g RTL on channel 10 may thank’s

@peterbarker might recall the specifics of which ones, but a bunch of those options have been added to Plane: available in Master but not a stable release yet.

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thank you for that James I will have to wait for release hopefully not to long love Ardupilot

not as many options as there are for copter, infact no flight modes for plane

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Hi Peter would be great if it was like copter and all flight modes available from channel 5 to 14 maybe we will be lucky and get that feature,please O pretty please

These are the current options available in Plane in master:

 // @Values{Plane}: 0:Do Nothing, 9:Camera Trigger, 28:Relay On/Off, 

29:Landing Gear, 34:Relay2 On/Off, 30:Lost Plane Sound, 31:Motor Emergency
Stop, 35:Relay3 On/Off, 36:Relay4 On/Off, 41:ArmDisarm, 43:InvertedFlight,
46:RC Override Enable, 58:Clear Waypoints, 62:Compass Learn, 64: Reverse
Throttle, 65:GPS Disable, 66: Relay5, 67: Relay6

It's non-trivial to add support for mode changing into there on 

Plane, but it is doable. I’ll poke tridge about it tomorrow and see if
he’s open to it.


Thank you Peter and maybe some flight modes to different channels but im really happy with what ever as im just starting in wings/planes/vtol coming from a long time just copters

Hi Peter did you get to work your magic on Tridge the other day lol.