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Suggestions for a test-platform for Pixhawk 2.1-tests?

What du you suggest is a good test-platform? Frankenstein!

Before Pixhawk I used two DJI FlameWheel F450 as testplatforms for lots of different controllers, cameras, gimbals, GPSs, sensors, propellers, batteries, weights, …
I pushed it a lot to test different settings, I tried to fly it hard to make it (not) crash, which I did several times and learned about it. I tried hard winds and turbulence, freezing conditions, snow, aso. The controller was wrapped in foam.

But then Pixhawk “1” and 2.1 came and I had learned a lot and developed my own checklist for a stable build and settings for next copters. Now I build them complete and ready to use, only a few flights with autotune and then use for mapping by a company. The previous model (Vulcan hexa) have been working for three years without any problems at all. The newest model (Vulcan octa) flew earlier this week and autotune soon.

But… I want to test more, like fence, ADS-B, sensors, LiIons, and so on. I need a test-copter again! A DJI F450 is too small. What do you suggest is a good work horse that is simple to rebuild and get parts to? Its the frame I am mostly interested in. Motorsetup and electronics is no problem to find.


I’ve just finished a Hexsoon EDU-450 build as a test platform for student project I’m developing. It’s a good test frame, but it’s only slightly bigger than DJI-F450. There does seem to be some good space on it for components though so depending on how much bigger you need it might fit the bill.

Hexsoon also builds sells a 650. I’ve never tried the 650, but I’m pretty impressed with the 450 as a solid basic machine, so hopefully the 650 follows the same path.

The Hex Soon EDU450 seems to have bigger plates and more room.
I only need the frame though. I got motors, ESCs, propellers, electronics.
I will probably use old 3S 8000 or 4S 4000, dont know yet.

What about the Tarot frames. They are truly solid designed and I am starting a 690 shortly .
I love the retractable landing gear as well but not to sure how robust they are in a less than perfect landing lol

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