Suggestion for a 900mm wing built

Hey guys, newbie here, im new to the whole FC scene, but not to the hobby.
Lets put it this way, the last time i flew my plane i had to swap crystals…enough said.

So i saw some videos on line and get the bug, i got my hands on a Ar 900, matek f405 wing and some r9m modules

I decipher most of it, like frsky firmware for r9m, and the inverted -inverted sport for telemetry and such, FC is flashed esc calibrated, servos are trim and set, Switches in Tx are set for flight modes (FBWA, Stabilze and manual) for now…Now here is where the new Tech got me, i bought a r9m slim PLus it came with two T antennas, how would i go about placement.
I understand that vertical on tx and rx is the best practice, but it has two…can i just remove one? or how about a transversal on top and longitudinally on the botton? would that work.?
Also the gps module i got was a bn 880 i really want to use the magnemoter for corrections on long flights, can, aynone recommend a suitable placement, i see a lot of people just leaving them inside the canopy or just above it, but im hesistant to believe that would actually work reliable due to the strong mangnets that hold the canopy…maybe they know somwthing ai dont…

I have S800 with MatekF405 std and r9mm connected via fport protocol (I’d usef inverted pin on r9mm)
Everything works as expected :slight_smile:
I cannot say magnetometer is useful for fixed wings.
My wing was flying 20 km and 20 km back without mag. No difference at all if you coming back from 1 km or 20 km. The accuracy is the same.
Well, vertically placed r9mm standard dipole working well for 20 km. I’m using 100mw tx power.

Wow, nice!!! ill disable the magnetometer then. But you have one antenna, no? i have two, is the slim “plus” that came with two T antennas.

I have one antenna and I’d placed it vertically :slight_smile:

Hi @Thieaux, did you complete your build? I’m building a very similar setup, the AR Stealth Wing, Matek F405 and R9M module, though I have R9mm receiver. I would say that if you have two antennas, they are meant to do diversity, so install them at 90deg with each other. I.e. one vertical one horizontal. That should work well in case your plane banks. I only have one, so I put mine vertical and I’m putting the other one vertical on my Tx as well. I put the GPS and magnetometer on the left wing, btw, and don’t have any issues with interference. I do use the mag. My first build and I kinda got all excited with sensors, but they are working fine. I got GPS, mag, pitot and lidar. So I’m doing hand launches and auto landings, no problem. The R9M is a recent upgrade, I used the XSR before and got about 2.5km worth of range, but radio and video were sketchy, so I hope this is better. I also am configuring UAVCast for cellular control, lets see if I can build enough confidence to give all that a try. If I get it all working the way I hope, I might just do a YouTube video or something.