Suggestion about the Rally Point function

Hello, I am interested in using Ardupilot for long-distance and long-duration flights.

I have come across an interesting feature in Mission Planner called Rally Point. It is a great concept and I feel exciting about that.

However, I have noticed that the rally point radius is not very intuitive, and I am not sure where the copter will head towards. Initially, it was a difficult problem to figure out if the copter would go towards the home point or the rally point.

If you try using it, you will understand what I mean. There is a parameter that can be adjusted to change the rally point radius, but I believe it would be more intuitive to set the rally point radius for each individual radius.

Initially, I thought that the Rally Point function was for the copter to head towards the closest point, whether it was the home point or rally point. However, I now realize that it is determined by the distance to the rally point.

Have a look at the Rally parameters. Complete Parameter List — Copter documentation

If you’re flying too far away from a rally point, beyond what is set in RALLY_LIMIT_KM then the drone will head back to the home point.

This is also really good stuff to test out in the simulator before watching your quad fly over the horizon.

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as I mentioned in the article,

the individual rally point should have different radius parameter, rather than vehicle itself saves rally point radius parameter, for all rally points.

and rather than rally point radius parameter, it is also rational alternative that goes to closest position when activated RTL.

and I already tested it on SITL. if you do SITL, and come to real world for testing it in long-distance flying, you can understand why distance settings needs to be individual

RALLY_LIMIT_KM id a failsafe to prevent extreme flyaway in case of misconfigured rally points, for example leaving old rally points in a different location can you please explain what would the benefit of individually assigned limits be?