Suggested best practice for no airspeed sensor

Since Plane determines wind direction most accurately while in loiter, maybe it’s a good idea to have a 2 orbit loiter command just after take off and just before landing to ensure best estimation of airspeed when no airspeed sensor is installed?

Just a thought - wondering what you guys think?

Why do you say that wind direction estimation is best during loiter? (Do you have experiments? Or maybe it’s a post I haven’t seen?)

From the documentation "a synthetic airspeed estimate is calculated by the AHRS system by combining a wind estimate, the GPS ground speed and the response of the aircraft when turning. "

I’ve read in a post from a developed that a full 360 turn is best to allow for this calculation to be as accurate as possible.

I’ve also tested it myself a number of times - flying off straight from launch sometimes result in a wrong wind direction. Doing a full circle corrects this in terms of wind speed and direction very accurately.

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I don’t use an airspeed sensor and have no problems at all. In Auto mode my cruise throttle is 50% and min throttle 35%. This allows for enough airspeed in a strong tail wind and minimises the risk of a stall in a turn or loiter.

I originally tried with an airspeed sensor but just found it difficult to calibrate and not very accurate.

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