Sudden throttle cut in Auto, Takeoff as mission first line

Hi all, help needed to find the issue with my AR wing. Flown the wing for several years, it was a perfect little plane for LOS and short range flights in AUTO mode. FC is an Omnibus F4proV3. Today wanted to do a short mission, to test some Openhd features. Armed the fc, switched to Auto and launched it. It took off nicely, but after a few seconds, it cut the throttle and crashed. (in snow, so no damage at all) .
Reviewing the dvr , I saw a sudden increase in altitude, I think, the software thinked, it reached the desired takeoff altitude ( set to 60m ) and decided to cut the throttle and continue to mission’s altitude, gliding down to it.
My log file:


You launched the plane without EKF3 ready, that is the main reason for that crash. See the log, blue is EKF status. Normally arming is prevented when EKF3 is not ready, but you have ARMING_CHECK disabled. ARMING_CHECK should set to 1.


Thank you very much! I will review the settings and make theme right.
It is possible, I have done some indoor tests, that required the wing to be armed without arming check.

If you’re on the work bench with MP connected, you can always use Force Arm for testing, but leave Arming Checks,1

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Right, good point. My luck with a bit of snow, no damage at all :))