Sudden overshoot in altitude in altitude hold mode without RC input

facing sudden overshoot in altitude alt hold mode without any RC input and difficult to control or slow response in controlling the altitude
logs has been shared with this link below:

Pid values are mentioned tried tuning altitude controller also but still its overshooting

Thanks in advance ,

I assume this is ArduCopter 4.4.1 ?

You have 4.4.0-beta4 firmware, best to update to latest stable release.

Vibrations are the primary problem

Vibrations over 15 to 20 should be addressed, and vibrations up around 30 are a problem.
See in this graph the clipping events number around 10000 - that is a lot.

The vibrations cause the copter to think it is falling, so it increases motor output and you see it climbing, it still thinks it is falling…

Definitely set these:


and ensure you battery voltage low and critical values are correct.