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Sudden flight crash during automatic flight model X Quad

(Ran Meng) #1

I have a Carboncore copter flying with Pixhawk. It has no problem with manual control flight. Then I designed a simple flight path using Mission Planner. It went well at the beginning, however, after reaching the first waypoint and going to the second one, it seems like all propellers just suddenly stopped and crashed. I cannot figure out what happened: the log shows it just stopped recording when the crash happened. I put logs via Dropbox.

Anyone can help me out here? Thank you so much!

(iseries) #2

Most likely the cause was power to the Pixhawk was lost. I don’t know how heavy your copter is but the battery voltage dropped almost 2 volts at takeoff. That’s a lot. You may also have a week battery.


(Ran Meng) #3

Hi Mike, thanks for your reply! Probably you are right. I have a GREMSY H7 with a Canon DLSR on-board. You can imagine that the crash is painful. Now my questions is if the battery voltage becomes too low, shouldn’t the copter try to land it, because of Pixhawk fail-safe feature? I didn’t see any warning until the crash happened.


(iseries) #4

The battery voltage was fine it just dropped a few volts on take off which would indicate a weak or under powered battery.