Successful motor test in terminal_ Now what?

I really quite desperate for some help in regard to arming the APM and motors for flight. I don’t know if I have missed a substantial section from the user documentation or what. from what I have read, it seems to be implied that I need to copy certain files or processes on to the apm board. what files? Does anyone know of a section of the user documentation that covers this with some degree of clarity?

I’ll try to help you but first I need to make sure we are on the same page. Have you used MP initial set up wizard to set up the copter?

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I haver used amp planner 2.0 to setup the apm.

Well I use PC based mission planner but I think it is similar. In later versions of MP there is a set up wizard. Just follow the wizard to do the set up. If you try to arm the apm and it fails it is likely that the pre arm test is failing. To find our which tests are failing turn on tx remove flight pack plug the USB in and connect. Go to the flight screen the one with the ah on it wait for gps lock solid blue light then try to arm. The first item to fail will come up on the screen. Fix that then try again and so on until you fix them all. In the manual this is listed under pre arm check failure.

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