Stupid Lua tricks (notify:play_tune)

I was having a go at some of the notify library functions when I remembered that one can play custom notification sounds via Lua, so I wasted some time :smiley:

While I can read music and write code (both arguably poorly), transcribing music into QBASIC notation is incredibly painful, so I shirk all responsibility for the odd misplaced note!

Put attached script directly onto a Rover and enjoy some mindless entertainment when you change modes. It’s easily modified for Copters and Planes.

SillySongs.lua (4.3 KB)


The new sounds you made are really nice, thank’s for sharing with us!
I was trying to find a converter to make my own sounds but it is a little confusing, some of them didn’t even work, so i am asking to tell me how you made them!?
You compose by tourself or you use a converter?

Thank’s for your time!

I used the “ToneTester” linked below along with some sheet music and/or melodies already committed to memory.


Thank you @Yuri_Rage, eventually i compose on my own, if you know some basic stuff about music it’s easy.