Strange yaw during mission

I need some help. :bulb: :bulb: I’m doing some flight trails of my Pixhawk and getting a very weird yaw headings. I have FW 2.78b installed and all is calibrated. FBWA and Manual are performing well. The only obvious issue is that my compass calibration is exceeding specs. None the less, when I point the stationary plane to a compass rose heading, it is always right on ± a degree or two.
Please take a look at the attached tlog and jump to the “Auto” point for mission about 2/3 of the way through. You will see the plane is clocked about 30 degrees to the right outbound and 30 degrees to the left inbound with respect to home. I fly FPV and can attest the plane was ACTUALLY pointing as the heading indicates. That would lead me away from the compass cal being an issue.
One other thing that might be a clue to the developers is that the wind is way off. It was dead calm but at times you will see 7mph wind. (btw, how does the FC calculate wind direction and wind speed?)
Essentially, it looks like I am flying cross controlled as we would say in a real plane. In other words left rudder and right aileron. BUT on the inbound it is opposite. So, again it can’t be that :question: :question: :question:

Still needing some help with this one.