Strange VCC behavior


I have an hexa with mauch BEC and mauch V and C sensor.

I have been checking the VCC from the logs, and I have found this behavor very often.

Something is related with the RTL, every time is used this happend, I could see another related with a GPS glitch

I have several drones, differents frames, and I get the same behaivor.

Here are the logs

Does anyone knows what it means?

I’ve seen that Vcc behaviour before - without checking your logs I’d say it will be when a failsafe happens and the LED is flashing yellow and buzzer are going.
The small fluctuations are not necessarily a variation in your power supply, but more slight variations to the internal flight controller voltages due to the repetitive nature of the current drain while the LED is flashing and buzzer is going. And it doesn’t stop until you land and disarm.
It’s nothing to really worry about since the voltages are not going to warning levels.

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Thanks! I appreciate your comments!

What is the warning levels for the flight cotroller BlackCube??

This is 60mV ripple, totally insignificant.
Source could be LED or something else at that frequency.
As long you stay well between 4,6…5.6v you are fine.

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Thank you guys

Im on this because I have an inflight shutdown, and I cant figure it out whats happend.

If you could give it a look and give me your comments will be great