Strange problem with veering

Ok, so this is a strange problem I’m having with my quad.

  1. I take off as normal in stabilise. It flies fine.
  2. I “squirt” it to 60% throttle - it veers massively towards motor 2
  3. I regain control, BUT…
  4. I have to maintain the corrective stick! ie if it took 40% roll and 40% pitch to correct the veer, I have to hold 40% roll and 40% pitch to keep it straight.
  5. I land, and check it over - everything is fine - motors and props are all tight
  6. I unpower the quad, and repower it…

This process is repeatable; cause the veer…correct it…hold the correction…land…reboot APM…everything is fine.

Ideas??? What can anyone see in the log?

You might want to consider turning on your motor logging and do another flight. That will let you see what commands the APM is sending to each motor.

In looking at your log, your roll tracks fairly well with your RollIn, but your pitch is quite off from your PitchIn. At this point I’d suspect one or more of your ESCs aren’t calibrated properly or perhaps a mechanical problem.