Strange oscillation in pitch axis on 10 inch FPV quad

I have a 10-inch FPV quad running copter 4.3.2 with a weird oscillation in the pitch axis.
The oscillation occurs when applying a positive pitch (braking) and worsens at a higher speed.

I have tried the following:

  • Autotune and manual tuning
  • Vibration damping on the FC
  • Activated notch filter
  • Different gyro and accel filter settings

The drone weighs 2.3 kg and is symmetric around the roll axis. It is a bit longer in the pitch axis, and the CoG is less than 1 cm in front of the CoT.

Any idea what causes this vibration oscillation?

Log file with fast sampling activated is available here:

First I would set these based on MOT_THST_HOVER as per the Tuning guide:

Could you not run the Bdshot version of firmware and use ESC telemetry for the Notch filter?
And disable RAW IMU for logging so FFT can be graphed.

Seems like the PSC params fixed the problem. Thanks!

Cool. On high thrust to weight craft like yours these are important to get right.