Strange movement

I had several successful flights with my hexa, but on last flight it made a strange movement (alternative roll) in loiter mode. Vehicle didn’t fall, but I want to know the reason for that movement.
I think it is from loiter mode or booster scale or maybe from wind.
Log :

Hi @hassani
there is multiple problem with your build

first your CCW motors are working harder

second you have high vibration in x and z axis , high vibration will affect EKF measurement and could make problem like this

and also looking at DesRoll,Roll and DesPitch,Pitch we can see poor tune of this copter

totally flying with these problems your copter is always ready to crash

how to solve problems :
for first problem check for twisted arms also i did see this problem with an overweighted copter
for second problem check for hard wires or other parts to dont transfer vibration from body to flight controller
for third problem finish tuning process instruction then run autotune

Thanks Hosein, I have one question.
At first I tuned with a smaller booster scale and then i increased booster scale. Is it okay to tune with a large booster scale?
And that motor booster is on roll axis and Affects the it
and payload is variable.

I can’t understand your mean of motor booster
Could you please explain it more ?

additional motor used to make thrust.

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For autotune see