Strange logs

I have a strange situation with the APM 2.5 logs since a week ago. The log number was 32 and suddenly, after a download and delete, it jumped to 33031. Also, the logs collected after this strange jump, are all 4970 Kb, apparently with the data being written over and over.

Most of the logs have no header, they don’t start with the regular list of parameters and APM version info, they just start with raw data, what makes me believe that the log is just being written over and over on the available memory positions. I downloaded and deleted the logs several times but the situation persists, I couldn’t find a way to reset it.

Is there any way to reset the counter and reinitialize the logging system?

My logging on APM 2.5 stopped working normally today. It worked beautifully before but today it showed what I believe are small pieces of old, deleted logs. I also get a log with the number 65535. I cannot download any of them - the board just hangs with the “Createfile” message . If I try to delete it says “erase complete” but then after reboot all the crap still in place. Sometimes it would connect to terminal with the message “3erasing logs” or “3No dataflash inserted”. I erased and reset the board, reloaded firmware with no luck. MP version is 1.92
I tend to believe that it is a mission planner problem. I took my APM to the other computer with the old MP version 1.70 and it showed “no dataflash inserted” but after reboot and connecting again did allow me to download logs and to erase them on the board. Downloaded logs are incomplete pieces with the last record "na ???"
It is definitely different between versions of MP so I think the problem is in MP.

A colleague from the forum gave me the answer:

  • Connect to the APM Mission Planner;
  • Save your parameters (Settings > Full Parameter List > Save > choose a filename and location);
  • Log on with the CLI (command line) in the APM Mission Planner;
  • setup > erase (wait for the EEPROM erasing to finish)
  • setup > reset (to restore factory defaults)
  • Load back your parameters (Settings > Full Parameter List > Load)

That resolved my issue, the log counter is now 1 and the log is recorded correctly.