Strange issue with logging and getting parameters

I have 3 skyvipers who all have the same issue. This issue happened almost right away on one, and after 2-3 flights on the others. In short when connected via the web server I started seeing an arming failure “bad logging” on mission planner when connected, shortly after uploading a (first) mission. Pretty sure of that part (after uploading mission) but not 100%certain.

Since then after boot neither baro, imu, etc … data shows up in “System Status”, nor do parameters show up in “Flight Parameters”, on web page. On any of the three.

Now here’s the “interesting part” (or is it ) All I need to do to have the above show up is connect with a GCS. MP grabs the parameters and a web page refresh shows everything correctly. After disabling “Logging when available” arming check (change default mask 32767 to 31742) I can fly just fine. Missions, flips, throws, mavproxy, qgc, mp, auto, guided etc … all work …did lots of flying on all three.

Just to be sure I downgraded all firmwares to everything to versions I got from the store (date 8/26 or so) on the last one. (Had them all on 10/11). Same problem, even after resetting to factory defaults. How strange is that?

Well, one slight difference, but I don’t know that would be repeatable (only saw it twice).
On 10/11 firmwares, (when booting without first connecting to GCS) netcat to dev console showed messages that 18 params were downloaded, waiting for count of 832.

After downgrading, see below.

Here’s a screen shot of dev console before GCS connect, on “stock” firmware. Is this strange or what?