Strange Heli Mixer

I have configured the swashplate on my Raptor E550 like this:
H_SV1_POS -140 deg
H_SV2_POS 140 deg
H_SV3_POS 0 deg

H_CYC_MAX 2500 cdeg gives -7°/+7° cyclic pitch on aileron (roll)
but -12°/+11° on elevator (pitch).
It looks like servo3 (motor 3) travels too much.

Matek F405-Wing
ArduCopter 3.6.8

arducopter-20190518.param (15.7 KB)

You should have a swashplate type called H3-140. That is the type you should choose. That should fix this issue.

That was my 1st try but it did not not work, see here.
Pitch was inverted.
It seems H3_140 assumes this one and does not respect servo position.

I have this one.

In that case you will use the H3-140 swash type and you have to reverse the servo directions by setting SERVO1_REVERSED, SERVO2_REVERSED, and SERVO3_REVERSED to 1 and reverse the collective direction by setting H_COL_CTRL_DIR to 1

That should fix it.

I’ve tried that already. That fixes the pitch but reverses the roll.

@ChrisOlson will have to chime in on this. He’s the master mind behind all of the swashplate setups. you might just have servo’s 1 and 2 swapped. meaning you have to swap the plugs in the servo rail of the flight controller.

you’re the man! Swapping servo 1 and 2 and reversing servo 3 did the trick.
Thanks alot.