Strange flow behaviour or EFK3 switching source/initializing bug

Hello to all,
I have a well tuned Hollybro x500 V2 frame, cube orange, here2 gps, tfmini plus lidar and hereflow.(copter 4.3.3)
I have set a switch in my RC to switch EKF3 source to gps or optical flow.
Today was somehow windy at 3m/s and gusts up to 5m/s
I noticed a strange behaviour
*If I power on with switch at gps source,takeoff at loiter and change to optical flow, all good
*If I power on with the switch at optical flow position and try to take off at loiter, the copter, at about full throtle barely leave the ground for about 40cm and then descents and (hard)land by itself. This happens both at loiter and alt hold mode!
*If I power on with the switch at gps mode, switch to optical flow and then take off, all good again.
This is, I think the log file:

Why I cannot power on,arm and take off with the source switch only to optical flow?
(the drone will be used mainly to gps denial enviroment. I want to remain connected for compass and hardware switch)

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Nautics,

Can you post the onboard log again?