Strange control behavior on Stabilize flight mode

I performed my first flight the other day on Stabilize flight mode. everything went OK and the calibration worked fine. when I watch the log files after landing i discovered something strange. when one of the commands was static and didn’t change, the control loop seems to give more slack to the UAV and doesn’t maintain the commanded attitude angle and rate as good as if the command changes.
for example, i keep the roll angle command set to zero and correct my position using only pitch angle. The response in pitch is accurate and good bu the roll is very loose and the error are larger than in case the command changes. when I switch and correct the position only with roll angle and the pitch command is set to zero, the behavior also switches and the pitch control loops are loose while the roll control loop is right on the command.
I am sure it is related to the control architecture and logic. My first guess was its related to the EKX_GYRO_P_NSE.
Does anybody has a clue why is it happening?

Can you share a log file from that flight? It sounds like more of a tuning problem than EKF.

i don’t think so, in my opinion its not a tuning problem because when the command constantly changes, the angle and rate errors are significantly small. the log file is enormous, that is why i didn’t upload it…

Tuning problem. Nothing to do with EKX_GYRO_P_NSE.

If you want feedback on your issue then provide a log. If the log is too big do a shorter flight demonstrating the problem.

Keep in mind you are asking people to give up their personal time to help you. You should take the time to provide all the information they might need to provide you that help.

Thank you 4 the quick response.
I’m working on that, I will do a shorter flight to provide the data. Right now I can’t due to weather conditions…

I reduced the data to the relevant part.
u can see the log file of the flight in the link below:
thank u 4 the help :slight_smile: