Strange Behaviour

strange behviour at distance when RC telem power interfence…like PID gains are reduced

reducing max power on telem to 25mw solves the issue


  1. Why does it take EKF3 so long to become active?
  2. Why to scaled position innovations appear so noisy, yet not really close to 1 at any point? the RX and GPS are relatively close, leading one to suspect the RF from the RX telem
  3. The GPS thinks its accurate as far as I can tell

Ultimately what causes the poor adherence to demanded attitude at the end of the flight after EKF3 becomes active?

GPS accuracy is quite bad:

Position innovations are indeed very strange:

the reported PN/PE position is jumping quite a lot:

still working on why this happens
@Paul_Riseborough can you take a look?

thanks…thanks…my question is if position gets bad, why does the demanded att vs act att get so sloppy? I could understand that the demanded att/navigation gets wonky…but whye doesnt the rate controllers keep the actual and demanded still tight?

May I ask which type of telemetry creates this trouble?

It looks like the EKF didn’t complete its yaw alignment to GPS until 3 minutes after takeoff. This resulted in bad health after the yaw was reset and GPs aiding started that required a couple of minutes to sort out. This is currently one of the risks associated with flying without a compass. I will check the log and see what could have prevented it doing the yaw alignment to GPS that is normally performed as soon as a flying condition is detected, but preliminary analysis indicates the GPS quality checks were not passing preflight. For example look at the large GPA.SAcc value.

CRSF telemetry was in use

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