Strange behavior in stabilize, roll and d.roll dont match due I-term


I have uav helicopter mtow about 220kg. Last week the tauil servo was damaged and the helicopter crashed. The helicopter was well tuned and worked well even in the wind.

After the repair, I went flying, the helicopter works, but it behaves strangely in a roll.

I found in log that I-term works strangely and I don’t know why. The helicopter settings were the same as always, only FLTT and FLTE were lowered. I think it’s a leaky I-term problem but I’m not sure.

The helicopter behaved strangely even with the original settings.

Does anyone know what it could be?

Thank you

edit: I looked at old logs and I term always moved within ±0.05

After the crash, I-term is completely different. Either the mechanics are damaged somewhere, or the helicopter is unbalanced.
But I still don’t understand why I-term stopped leakingand then suddenly started again and then stopped again. Speeds was under 5m/s

@Peta please post a log. I need to see the log to determine the issue.