Strange beeps on a lose of control

Today I have a very short fly with a sudden flip and a lose of control.
In the middle of the flip, the quad started to make a new (at least for me) combination of beeps.

Please can anyone help me to identify the meaning of the beeps?

My quad is a PixHawk flying on loitter mode.
The SD card was corrupted during the crash, so I have no idea what caused the flip.


That’s the inertial Nav or EKF failure. If you post a dataflash log we can have a peek at what happened. … ixhawkpx4/

I’m afraid that the SD card was corrupted after the crash, so no logs can be obtained :frowning:

I hope it will not happend again

Thanks for the info

Ok, because there’s no immediate next steps at this point, I’m going to close this issue. Obviously that’s not completely satisfying because we don’t know what happened but if it happens again, you can post here again and I’ll jump on it (faster than last time).

Of course I’m agree

thank you for your help