Storm32 via Pixhawk or Rx

Hi, I have pixhawk and storm32 1.31. I use AC 3.3. I bought 3 axis gimbal for sony nex from goodluckbuy. But I don’t know how to wiring storm32 and pixhawk. RC inputs via pixhawk or Rx. Storm32 to dircetly Dragon micro RX or storm32 to pixhawk aux. Help please. Sorry for my bad english. Thanks.


Check this wiring from the docs:
Also, you should check the STORM32 wiki:

Thanks for reply. I understand wiring serial4 port. Is it enough for wiring. Will I wiring rx to storm (ppm/pwm) or pixhawk to storm via aux port. Sorry again.

It is up to you to wire directly from RC or thru Pixhawk.
If you want to let Pixhawk to be able to control the gimbal in missions as well as to have a manual control, connect it the way it is in the link (with telemx or serial, no aux).
Otherwise wire it directly with your receiver or thru Pixhawk AUX ports.

Thanks a lot for reply. I decided to wiring serial 4 port to storm32 card. I will use only yaw and tilt.