STorm32 - setup and configuration

I’ve been working through setting up an inexpensive STorm32 camera gimbal for my Hexsoon TD-650 quad-copter.

I’ve shared some of my results and questions on the FaceBook group - because I thought there might be some general interest in the topic.

I’ve come across a couple of technical questions that perhaps someone on this forum might be able to help with:

  1. Both MAVLink and Serial connections work with my gimbal - as per the ArduPilot docs. Is there any reason to choose one connection over the other?

  2. Using the PWM connections to the gimbal, configuring the gimbal in ArduCopter as “servo” type - seems to work - including stabilization in pitch and roll, but I’ve not tested it extensively. Would there be any reason to choose this method with a STorM32 gimbal controller?

  3. I noticed in the ArduPilot documentation about the Gremsey Pixy-U that it says to configure ArduCopter to address it as a STorm32 gimbal using MAVLink-2. Does Gremsey use STorm32 on their products? Does STorM32 support MAVLink-2?

Any help with learning about these things would be appreciated. Many Thanks!