Stop mission when leaving Auto - resolved in 3.2?

Can anyone using Ardurover 3.2 tell me if the issue where the mission doesn’t get stopped when leaving auto mode is solved in 3.2?

In 3.1, leaving auto before the completion of a mission results in the mission being paused and even if you send new waypoints to overwrite the previous mission, activating auto again causes the rover to resume the original mission. The only way round this is to power down the pixhawk; not ideal!


The 3.2 beta resolve this !

That’s great news, thank you!

… but I think there is still something odd about the handling of RTL. In Rover (unlike copter) if there is a return-to-launch command in the mission, it actually switches to the RTL mode which pauses the mission. If you then switch back to AUTO it will resume the mission but then complete it and go into HOLD mode. Then if you once again switch to AUTO it will restart the mission.

So there is definitely some weirdness still in there but we will fix it eventually. My guess/hope is that we will make RTL be implemented from within AUTO mode - like it is for Copter.

Ok, that’s good to know, I’ll keep an eye out for that when I get round to giving it a go.

I think I’ve fixed the RTL within a mission thing yesterday with this commit that makes the NAV_RETURN_TO_LAUNCH mission command execute RTL from within AUTO instead of switching to the RTL mode. In my testing it fixed the issue anyway.

This will go out with the next beta release, Rover-3.2-rc3 which I hope will go out before the middle of next week.


That’s great news! I look forward to testing soon. It seems like Rover is coming on really well at the moment, exciting progress. Thanks!