Stock Iris+ radio and FrSky D4R-ll receiver

Hi all, I’m going a bit nuttier than normal. I bound a FrSky D4R-ll receiver to my stock Iris+ radio (FS-TH9X). Jumpered pins 3&4 on the receiver (PPM mode), and have 6 channels. However, the channels are mixed up. Throttle is OK, but yaw and aileron are on the wrong sticks, and I can’t for the life of me figure how to get it straightened out. Set channel 5 to my 3 way switch, but can’t adjust it to give 3 positions. Channel 6 is on one of the knobs, and I’d rather assign it to a switch. The firmware in these Iris+ radios is not what the stock TH9x has, and I can’t find any info on setting them up, other than the stock Iris+ stuff. I bought 4 of the FrSky D4R-ll receivers, figuring I could use them on some mini quads, with one of my Iris+ radios. “HELP” :open_mouth:

OK, after 2 days of beating my head against the wall, (so to speak), Instead of creating a NEW model on the FrSky TH9X radio, that comes with the Iris+, I loaded a copy of the Iris+, and presto, all the channels work as they should. Before this, the yaw and elev were crossed. This custom firmware in this radio is different, for sure. :smiley: