Stock Iris Plus px4 firmware

Hello guys and gals! I’m new to this seemingly awesome fourm. I’m reaching out to get some help. I’m the proud owner of a 3dr Iris Plus drone, and unfortunately I made the mistake of updating the firmware on the px4 flight controller when prompted to do so over Mission Planner…I need the original RTF firmware that was on the SD card when I bought the drone…I’ve had ZERO help from 3dr as it looks like they have discontinued support for the iris plus. I sent several emails with no response.

If possible does anyone on this board have those RTF firmware files for download so I can transfer them to the flight controllers card without the hassel of firmware update through mission planner. I tried this several times each time failed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I have iris plus and wondering what other people around have these. Any link would be good, our robotics club was donated a unit with a hoverfly so just trying to piece it together. I have 3dr solo too. but realize I will need to upgrade to opensource. I thought I would be able to fly without any updates. I can see if I have a stock file from the unit itself. I think there is a pixhawk2 in the solo. wondering what is in the iris plus

One of these:

Iris FC

thanks for the quick reply. Is that the same as the solo pixhawk1 , Guessing I need to do some reading, but we use those for autonomous vehicle like the mars rover project. I just came back in from turning on the 3dr solo to see if it still works with the gimbal and heros. Does everyone use the spectrum or the stock controller or is there something I am missing here, I didn’t get a controller? The donor gave me this single stick controller with 2 buttons and thumbstick, worried this controls only the gimbal/camera and I will need to find a controller. Thanks again dave, Working on this stuff, one can feel kind of alone and lost, especially given donated used gear. Any link to get me and the STEM kids I teach would be great!

No, Solo had the 1st Cube Flight Controller. The green one I believe.

Thanks Dave, I bought more parts for this older drone. Tried to use Ardupilot, but getting errors. I have 3 of these now as I found ebay ones. Any combination of software and updates for these 3dr products. I play with the solo as it works. But wanting more software control on the app. I also want to interchange batteries as the motors are the same it appears. The iris wants a 3s 11.1 but I have 4 solo batteries new 3s 14v wondering if I could just put an XTC connector on it. though it still wont fit in the compartment bay. Any thoughts. ?