STM Speed and Rangfinder - TRUE Terrain fellowing

Dear all,

I am new to Ardupilot and I am very impressed by all the features. I normally use Betaflight or some similar Software for my racing drones. Now I would to build a drone that is really capable of the terrain fellow mode, even by “higher speed” – around 50km/h. For range finding and altitude Hold I would like use the following:

my question is: Do you guys think – with two of these modules pointing in front and one pointing below - the F7 STACK will be fast enough to render the “normal flight” and also the input of 3 rangefinders as well?– is it even possible to add 3 rangefinders in px4 /ardupilot? and perhaps some of you have even better ideas for terrain following?

I don’t want use the terabee HUB, because the drone is supposed to be as maneuverable as possible in a 5 inch frame.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Buechertasche123,

Welcome to the form, I am also fairly new to this and I am amazed by all the features of Ardupilot.
I was having a look at your post and I am really keen to know if you had a look at some of the products that LightWare has ?

Use the following two links:

Let me know what you think? (Both these units have a 50 m option as well)