Sticks are not maintaining in correct position


new to ardupilot, I could not see in docs if this is a correct behavior : pushing my sticks to maximum will move channel bars to maximum then reset to zero, regardless if my sticks are still in max position, thus making arming a bit tricky.
this prevents my from arming and I cannot get sustained maximum translations the copter will reset my sticks by itself, ignoring my sticks position.
how can I fix it up?
thank you

It’s not correct nor expected behaviour.The green bars are your stick,pot, and switch intputs and should reflect exactly where the controls are.

Do a radio calibration for starters - moving all sticks,pots,and switches.

Which radio system are you using ? You may have to do an internal calibration on the radio first.

I think I’ve encountered this before but I’ll need a dredger to find the memory.Don’t rely on that happening any time soon.