Stick Mixing/manual obstacle avoidance in Auto mode

Has anyone successfully implemented stick mixing in AUTO mode?

I come from the Arduplane side of ardupilot and love the fact that you can adjust the position of the aircraft in autonomous modes with the sticks. In my opinion it adds an additional safety factor as the pilot can manually avoid objects in the event of a mistake in the flight planning.

For my particular application, we fly at very low altitudes and would feel a lot more comfortable with this feature. Additionally, being able to change the altitude on the fly in auto mode would be a great added bonus.

I know that this is somewhat already possible in RTL mode, so what will it take to implement it in AUTO mode?

I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback!

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No one has considered doing this? It seems like a feature that would be extremely useful. I can’t be the only one that needs this!

I need this as well! I also come from plane and there I can quickly bank out of the way if a tree jumps in front of my plane in auto mode :slight_smile: There were some discussions on this in the past -

I just keep a finger on the flight mode switch and can easily switch out of Auto if a problem comes up.

Did this ever get fixed? We need this over in Arduplane for VTOL planes as well. I just added an issue on GitHub.

@rmackay9 is there an option to implement this? Is this in the scope for the upcoming release of newer firmware?

Hi @Gourav1997,

We’ve got an open issue here for this enhancement request but I’m afraid there hasn’t been much progress on actually implementing it.