Stick controls wonky after yawing hex when in loiter

I took my hex out tonight and did the auto tune, flew it a little while and all was working good… all flight modes worked fine, Loiter was rock solid… it was only when I yawed the hex to the left and attempted to fly it forward…all the controls were totally screwed up… backwards was to the right, starboard was ahead etc,etc… I switched to alt hold and stab mode and all controls worked fine… would say that something isn’t working as it should… but I have no idea what!!!

Sounds very much like Simple Mode.
Check that you don’t have Simple Mode selected for Loiter in your Flight Mode Screen.

HAHAHAHA… aye…cheers Mike for the speedy reply… and yeah… you’re correct… there was a TICK in the simple mode option… would say that it’s me that is simple…will try a few batts through the hex tomorrow…

I was scratching my head about the probs…

Many thanks once again :smile: