Steering with 12v DC motor

Was a member on previous forum and like look of new edition.

Have a big UGV that uses car style steering (mechanical wheel and steering linkage). Am going to steer the UGV by R/C. The 12v DC motor will turn both ways to turn steering wheel (like driver would).
Control is via Sabertooth 2x32A.
Would like to use Pixhawk.
Can it operate steering in this way?
Basically same as ,servo controlled steering, rc car, just getting advice before make leap of buying system
Any tips or advice appreciated

The rover code will output a standard servo PWM signal. As long as your controller can accept that it should be OK. Building a small driver with a sweet H bridge driver would be pretty easy so even if your controller won’t work you could roll your own.

Hi @Matt_UAV-America, I’m trying to modify a Traxxas model 58024. In the original model, the steering Servo is connected to the receiver Channel 1 (, page 10).

Now I’m planning to directly connect it to the Pixhawk main output Channel 1. Is this correct?