Steering tuning 1 Ton trimaran boat

Good day,

I am trying to control a 1 Ton boat using ardupilot but there is a lot of woobling. Base parameters are ACRO_TURN_RATE13


This image was taken before starting the steering tuning suggested in ardupilot website, NAVL1_PERIOD was set to 30, STR_FF 0.2, STR_P 0.2

Then we started configuring the NAVL1_PERIOD to 150, STR_FF to 1.7 and STR_P to 0.35 and it seems to reduce the oscilation.

What will be the consequence of using such a large value of NAVL1_PERIOD

Could anyone help me to understand if a problem with L1 controller was fixed?

I found in the description of the implementation that the L1 controller seemed to produce an offset derived from a round up error (Plane: L1 Control for Straight and Curved Path Following by brnjones · Pull Request #101 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub).

What I did not understood is if the solution is implemented in version 4.1.4. Because at the end of the thread (xtrack error does not always converge to zero · Issue #2650 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub) @peterbaker wrote:

"There almost certainly won’t be a another 4.0.x release, and I doubt we’d pull the cross-track fix back if we did. Should’ve a long time ago, probably, but…

I’m closing this as “fixed” - even 'though people will need to run the beta to get the fix"

When we used the NAVL1_PERIOD with a value of 150 it showed a behavior as the one described with the offset, we were heading toward the waypoint but with a significant offset and in the screen the icon of the platform seemed to be sailing 90° turned to starboard perhaps the real bow was heading in the desired direction to reach the waypoint with an estimated 20 m offset. I thought our magnetometer had a problem but probably was this offset issue.