Steering problem

I am using a turnigy 9x with frsky module with a APM 2.5. Also using a sabertooth 2x25 motor controller.
Currently forward works,reverse works,left differential turning works.When I try to turn right I get nothing.
please help!! Thank you very much

Are you using the APM to do the skid steering or the Sabertooth?
If you are using the Sabrtooth to do the skid steering mixing, then either make sure you have the switches set properly for the skid steering mixing per Dimension Engineering’s website or try reversing the steering and throttle channel inputs to the Sabertooth.
If you are using the APM to perform the skid steering, have you made sure that your steering input to the APM from the transmitter is moving equally on both sides of the aileron joystick neutral point?
TCIII ArduRover2 Developer