Steering issue with two servos and one channel


I’m building a crawler and after some problems now is working in manual mode.

the problem is steering in front and back wheels. I connected the front steering servo to pixhawk port , but how could I do to steer the back wheels like the picture?

thank’s all


I do not know if it is possible to program the controller to have a second steering output with reverse output.

Hardware approach would be to purchase a servo reverser circuit. Do a search for “server reverser” - plenty out there. Will also need a ‘Y’ servo splitter cable if the servo reverser does not have a straight through output for the front steering servo.


I think you should be able to set another output channel to use function 26 (i.e. SERVO2_FUNCTION = 26) and it should work. I have not specifically checked this but it should work and if it doesn’t we can fix it.

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Hi @rmackay9

Thank’s for your help. The problem is I did not have free channels in my receiver. Or Did you suggest to connect the servo to pixhawk cannel 2 output?


hI @rmackay9

It works !!!



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excellent! Glad to hear this worked!